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Travel update on the situation in Paris

As of Thursday, October 29, 2020 from midnight, Paris – like the whole of France – is once again confined. The announced duration of this confinement is 4 weeks, i.e. until December 1, 2020.

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  • As of Friday, 30 October 2020, and until further notice, wearing a face mask is compulsory in public areas and enclosed spaces, under penalty of a fine of 135 euros.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory from 6 years old.
  • Public and private gatherings are prohibited.


  • Museums and monuments are closed until further notice
  • The theaters are closed until further notice
  • Bars and restaurants are closed until further notice
  • Cinemas are closed until further notice
  • Shopping centers and department stores are closed until further notice
  • Pools and gyms are closed until further notice



Any non-essential trip must be justified by an exceptional trip certificate under penalty of 135€ (for the first one). There are 3 types of certificate: the exceptional trip certificate, the proof of professional trip and the proof of school trip.

These certificates can be downloaded and printed from the website of the Ministry of the Interior:

A certificate – common to all three types of trip – in digital format can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior: Once the certificate has been completed, a PDF is generated on your smartphone and must be presented in the event of an inspection.

From Friday, October 30 and until December 1, 2020, it is therefore possible to do short trips, without forgetting your certificate, in particular:

  • professional reasons
  • take and pick up children from school
  • make short trips (1 hour maximum) within a radius of 1 kilometer around his home, including for a physical activity to do alone …

Discover the 1 kilometer radius around your home using the dedicated page on the GEOCONCEPT site:


  • The wearing of a mask is compulsory for those over 6 years of age on all public transport, and failure to comply is subject to a fine of 135 euros

More information on transport

Alternative mobility offers and solutions

In order to ensure more comfort and the best possible protection for its travelers, RATP has been offering a service to monitor traffic in real time on its mobile application.

Departures by train and plane

Travel between regions is prohibited from October 30, 2020.

Train and airplane departures may be cancelled.

Consult the websites of the SNCF and the airline companies concerned for more information.

In order to guarantee greater flexibility to its passengers, tickets purchased can be refunded or exchanged free of charge, according to the dates indicated on the carriers’ websites.

More information on the conditions of circulation and reimbursements of inter-regional trains


The tourist welcome center at the Hôtel de Ville is closed until further notice

The tourist welcome center at Gare de Nord is closed until further notice

For any further questions, it is recommended to contact the embassy of your country of origin.


The government has set up a specific file to help people with disabilities cope better with this health crisis.

This folder allows you:

  • To be helped in the event of symptoms
  • To be up to date on the various health recommendations
  • To benefit from specific support measures

You can also find FALC materials (Easy To Read and Understand) on the official website of Public Health France.

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