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The best budget hotels in Paris for 2020

It can be tough when you’re planning your trip to France and hunting around for accommodation that won’t break the bank. But we’re here to help, especially when you’re looking for great budget hotels in Paris! We’ve carefully combed through our top listings from our guide to the best cheap hotels in Paris, looking for small and charming places that represent the absolute best budget hotels in Paris.

This is determined by examining several criteria, including:

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155 rue du Faudbourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris

• Location: Would most travelers consider this location to be convenient? Can you walk to popular sights and a good selection of restaurants from this hotel? At the same time, does it offer enough calm to let you sleep comfortably at night?

• Average rate: Are rates cheaper than other hotels of the same category? To determine the “average double rate,” we compiled and averaged rates for a double room in June, July and August of this year.

• Quality of service, rooms, and amenities: How do the actual rooms and hotel services stack up with others in the same category? If this is a two-star hotel, for example, does it offer better rooms and more personal services than other two-star hotels?

• User rating: How have past guests rated this hotel? What issues, if any, have previous guests experienced with the hotel?

• “Special something”: Does this hotel offer something special that distinguishes it from its competitors? Does it have a special theme, interesting owners, or fascinating history? When we’re reviewing hotels, we’re always looking for this “something special.”

And finally, we also go with our own instincts. We’ve visited and inspected hotels hundreds of times in Paris. We’re including hotels in this list that we like and feel should be shared with our readers!

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